SocketPro is a world-leading package of secured communication software components written with request batching, asynchrony and parallel computation in mind. It offers superior performance and scalability with many unique and critical features which will definitely help you quickly develop high-quality distributed applications on major platforms such as Windows, Linux variants and Apple as well as browsers and devices.

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·         Simple for development

SocketPro solves a set of complex problems for developing real distributed applications. You will never meet software performance/scalability, cross-platform communication, communication instability, cross-language development, integration-among-different-components resistance, feature-lack, software maintenance/evolution, and security problems unlike those encountered by other common technologies.


·         Rich features

SocketPro provides many features. Major features are:

1.                  Full non-blocking communication

2.                  Full asynchronous-to-synchronous request conversion

3.                  Request batch

4.                  Client side socket pool for parallel communication

5.                  Bi-directional persistent message queue with full manual transaction and exactly-once delivery supported

6.                  Server routing for load balancing with full auto failure recovery and session-sticking/affinity supported

7.                  Bi-directional built-in notification or message push

8.                  Built-in HTTP and websocket supported for accessing from devices and web browsers as well as others

9.                  Client and server persistent message queues following ACID rules

10.              Data replication in agreement with ACID rules

11.              Simple client and server thread models with auto thread management and thread-safe for both client and server core components

12.              Cross-platform communication and cross-language developments

13.              Great compatibility among different development environments

14.              Openssl used for secure communication

15.              Numerous well-designed but simple documented tutorials with sample projects

16.              New async development features such as Lambda expression, async/await, async tasks and future fully supported for various development languages


·         Superior performance and scalability on the same hardware bases with the following warranties as written at this time

            1.                  SocketPro is ALWAYS faster than MS .NET WCF under any situation

            2.                  SocketPro persistent message queue is ALWAYS faster than MS MSMQ, RabbitMQ and Apache ActiveMQ/Kafka as well as others

            3.                  SocketPro ALWAYS  provides such scalability better than or comparable to any communication frameworks which you know


·         Great maintainability, modularity and version control

SocketPro provides numerous tools to ensure software maintainability, modularity and version control. They are:

            1.                  Loosen coupled communication

            2.                  Embedding version numbers on all of requests or session level

            3.                  Multiple services supported on one listening socket

            4.                  Cross-platform communication and cross-language development

            5.                  Client persistent message queue for server application maintenance

            6.                  HTTP/websocket supported for accessing SocketPro server from anywhere or development environments


·         All SocketPro adapter code, consulting service and remote tutoring available

After buying a proper license, you can get all SocketPro adapter source codes by email at We also provide consulting services and remote tutoring helps at affordable price.


·         100% satisfaction guaranteed

SocketPro offers unlimited-time free evaluation for all its components. No development license is required. No payment is made until you deploy a SocketPro server application onto a machine.

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